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Ted Azriel

Ted Azriel

Marietta , GA


The world is my palette, the computer is my canvas and sketch pad. My passion for creating unique and captivating digital art
comes from my imagination, life experiences and interaction with people, friends and family. Although my artwork is created digitally using Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter along with tools like a digital tablet and pen, I'm proud to say my work does not look like it has been generated by
Digital Art can be a unique, computer-generated original in a variety of subjects and themes, or I can faithfully reproduce scanned Photos,
Sketches or images painted in oils, pastels or charcoal. Working from photos of your loved ones, I am able to create a personal keepsake, one that is meaningful to you and your family or that special someone in your life.
My Fine Art background includes printmaking, painting and exhibiting at various galleries in South Florida including the Lowe Gallery at the
University Of Miami, Studied at Pratt Graphic Art Center and Art Students League in New York, and Ecole Des Beaux Art in Montreal, Canada.
This website showcases an assortment of digital paintings perfect for your home and office.If you are interested in any piece shown
or want me to create a special collectible, please contact me at

I look forward to painting something memorable for you soon!
See more of my work at my website:



Hear O Israel by Ted Azriel


Shabbos in Odessa by Ted Azriel


Canals Of Amsterdam by Ted Azriel


Light House At Peggys Cove by Ted Azriel


J'aime le bouquet by Ted Azriel


Arab Merchants Of Jerusleum by Ted Azriel


The Florist by Ted Azriel


King Of The Jungle by Ted Azriel


Sun Dial House by Ted Azriel


Draft Horse And trainer by Ted Azriel


Ella And Sara by Ted Azriel


Pas De Deu by Ted Azriel


Flaming Flamingos by Ted Azriel


The House At Highlands by Ted Azriel


Dancer At Rest by Ted Azriel


Sunday Outing by Ted Azriel


Poinciana Trees of Coral Gables by Ted Azriel


Rocker by Ted Azriel


A Day At The Fish Market by Ted Azriel


A Day At The Beach by Ted Azriel


The Jazz Singers by Ted Azriel


Jam Session by Ted Azriel


Meet me At The Big Chicken by Ted Azriel


Sonny Rollins Groovin' The Sax by Ted Azriel


Horses on a Kentucky Farm by Ted Azriel


Sunday Buggy Ride by Ted Azriel


Race To The Finish Line by Ted Azriel


The Art Show by Ted Azriel


Internet Coffee House by Ted Azriel


The Floral Arranger by Ted Azriel


Smokies Folksinger by Ted Azriel


Guitar Player by Ted Azriel


Jazz Trumpet by Ted Azriel


The Road To Noah's Ark by Ted Azriel


We Shall Not Forget by Ted Azriel